About Redang
* Merang Jetty is the gateway to Redang Island and Lang Tengah Island.
By Road
Travel along the East Coast Highway from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu. Merang, the take-off point to Redang and Lang Tengah, is located about an hour's drive north of Kuala Terengganu.
You may board a night coach which depart from Kuala Lumpur (8 hours), Singapore (9.5 hours), Johor Bharu (9 hours), Penang (8 hours), etc. and arrive Kuala Terengganu Tanjung Bus Terminal around 6.00am the next morning, you can then take a taxi to Merang Jetty, then by boat to island.
*Most of the resorts will provide free transfer from Kuala Terengganu Town to the jetty.
Kuala Lumpur - Putra Station (PWTC)
Johor Bharu - Larkin Station
Penang - Komtar
Visitors from Singapore, please take note*
Transnasional Express (Lavender Street/Kallang Bahru Junction Tel : 02-2947034 / 5) and Damai Ria Express (Beach Road) with daily coaches to Kuala Terengganu. If you are unable to get any seats, you can try Transnasional coach which depart from Singapore to Kota Bahru and ask to drop off at Kuala Terengganu, alternatively get a seat from Johor Bharu (Larkin Station) to Kuala Terengganu.
Car Park available at Merang Jetty (Redang Island/Lang Tengah Island), Marang Jetty (Kapas Island), Kuala Besut Jetty (Perhentian Island), Gawi Jetty (Kenyir Lake) and Kenyir Dam (Kenyir Houseboat). Approximate RM5.00 per car per night.
By Air
Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and budget carrier AirAsia provide direct air services from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Kuala Terengganu. The flight / journey from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Kuala Terengganu Airport is less than 1 hour.
However, there is no direct flight to Kuala Terengganu from Singapore. Travellers must fly via KLIA. If flying via KLIA from Singapore too costly, consider flying from Senai Airport in Johor with Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia, This is cheaper option but takes much longer time due to land transfer from Singapore to Senai.
By Sea
Regular boat services are available to the islands. The journey from Merang Jetty to Pulau Redang and Pulau Lang Tengah will take about 1 1/2 hour.
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