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Malaysia is renowned for its natural beauty but it is the coral reefs located primarily around these off -shore islands that will lure you to one of the best diving destinations in the world, the Redang archipelago. Suitable substrates, clear water with temperatures ranging from 27 ° to 31.5 ° C as well as salinity in range of 31 to 34 ppt are conducive to coral reef development and healthy growth of marine life. These conditions are just as suitable for you to explore the underwater realm of the following islands in comfort and ease.
Visibility generally depends on sea conditions but is excellent from the months of April till October. All dive spots are located within a 30 minute speedboat ride from the resort.
Dive Site at Pulau Redang
Tanjung Lang Located on the northern tip of Pulau Redang, this spot offers a variety of corals such as hydrozoans, siphonophorans and anthozoans which include sea fans and sea whips as well as crustaceans and fish of different colours for all to feast their eyes upon. With a maximum depth of 60 feet, it is accessible to any certified diver.
Tanjung Tok Kong Situated a short distance away, this dive location offers an amazing array of marine flora and fauna till a depth of 80 feet. Sea turtles are an almost site of green and hawksbill turtles. Sights include feather stars; tube worms, nudibranchs and schools of tuna forming a magnificent screen right before you.
Tanjung Gua Kawah At a maximum depth of 70 feet, this dive spot is a must for those who are willing to brave the currents and waves. Rest assured that your efforts will be rewarded handsomely in the from of the marvelous underwater realm before you.
Pasir Panjang Just a stone's throw away from the resort, one is able to see fascinating species of corals and sea life living in harmony. With a maximum depth of just 40 feet, this spot could very well be your first taste of Redang. Not to be missed is the sight of the resident grouper recently christened KAREN.
Batu Mak Chantek Situated near Pasir Panjang, this spot which reaches down to 60 feet, is bountiful with colourful reef fishes and invertebrates including echinoderms, moluscs are well as feather stars and hydrozoans. Night diving here features the nocturnal world at its best.
Dive Site at Pulau Lang Tengah
 1. Goby Garden
2. Blue Coral
3. Batu Banyak Keras
4. Batu June
5. Terumbu Kuning
6. Karang Bahar
7. Tanjung Telunjuk
8. Batu Kuching
9. Batu Kapal
10. Terumbu Putih
11. Batu Bulan
12. Batu Broler
13. Tanjung Nibong
14. Karang Nibong
15. Karang Nibong Laut
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